High Fidelity_Hornby

Following Rob in his up-and-down waves made me feel, nervous, sometimes anxious, actually dizzy. The  question I over-repeated to myself was:

“How can a woman keep on living , or desiring to live, with such “a disaster”?

And yet there’s some hope for everybody in this world! Around the corner a Laura may be waiting for you (hopefully). And that’s “the what”.

“The how” is obviuosly Hornby’s style, which is, as always, extremely effective and involving, though sometimes bitterly funny. Enjoyable reading, in any case!

“Rob keeps the company of his fellow workers in the record shop and is consumed by his top-five lists of songs, albums, and movies for every situation. His girlfriend has just left him, and he tries a fling with a recording artist. But after seeing his old girlfriend, he mulls over his memories of her and rethinks their breakup, wanting to win her back.” Jessica Marler


Aggiornamenti 2017

Oggi su Robinson (la Repubblica) trovate una gradevole intervista di Antonello Guerrera a Nick Hornby sui suoi gusti musicali e le famose liste di Alta Fedeltà, su come l’amore per la musica sia sempre presente nei suoi romanzi e sul film di Molaioli  Slam. Tutto per una ragazza tratto dal suo romanzo Slam e in uscita a Marzo.