Diamo nome, colore e consistenza all’Autunno con le calde, “sanguigne” e ventose parole di  Emily. Ma stiamo descrivendo i caldi colori dell’Autunno  nel New England o la potente metafora del sangue ci porta altrove? read more

The name-of it- is Autumn-

The name-of it- is Autumn-

The hue -of it- is Blood-

An Artery-upon the Hill-

A Vein-along the road-

Great Globules-in the Alleys-

And Oh, the Shower of Stain-

When Winds-upset the Basin-

And spill the Scarlet Rain-

It sprinkles Bonnets-far below-

It gathers ruddy Pools-

Then-edddies like a Rose-away-

Upon Vermillion Wheels-

Emily Dickinson  –Selected Poems 1892- Bloomsbury Poetry Classics