• Mondo Fuori

  • 9 Maggio 2021-Amo l’Europa

  • 9 Maggio 2021-Festa della Mamma

    dalla vita di una grande mamma...

  • I viaggi della speranza e della disperazione.

    Viaggi nell'abisso. Samia: “Il Viaggio è una cosa che tutti noi abbiamo in testa fin da quando siamo nati. Ognuno ha amici e parenti che l’hanno fatto, oppure che a loro volta conoscono qualcuno che l’ha fatto. È una creatura mitologica che può portare alla salvezza o alla morte con la stessa facilità. Nessuno sa quanto può durare. Se si è fortunati due mesi. Se si è sfortunati anche un anno o due…”p.122 -Non dirmi che hai paura-G.Catozzella

  • Con Amnesty International contro la pena di morte

  • Verità per Giulio Regeni-“La tua verità? No, la Verità, e vieni con me a cercarla. La tua, tientela.” A.Machado y Ruiz (Poeta Spagnolo 1875-1939)

  • Io sto con Emercency

    Guerre, Epidemie, Vite umane falcidiate... Per nostra fortuna c'è Emercency.

  • LIBERA-100 passi e oltre verso…

    21 Marzo a Padova XXIV giornata della memoria e dell'impegno in ricordo delle vittime innocenti delle mafie.

  • 25 Aprile 2021- Festa della Liberazione dal nazifascismo

  • 23 Aprile-Giornata Mondiale del Libro

  • 22 Marzo Giornata Internazionale dell’ACQUA-un diritto per tutti!

    con Bertoli e Ligabue, nel vento che soffia e l'acqua che scorre...

  • 21 Marzo-World Poetry Day. Arriva Primavera, in versi…

    Il verso è tutto. G.D'Annunzio, Il Piacere, II,1

  • 15 Marzo Climate Strike. Gli studenti del mondo manifestano per clima e ambiente

    Fridays for Future- giovani alla riscossa- Appello disperato agli "adulti" Agite subito per questa nostra Terra! “Our house is on fire, I am here to say our house is on fire."

  • 8 Marzo 2021-Donne e uomini insieme con determinazione e speranza

  • 1° Maggio 2021-Ancora coraggio!

  • 5 Ottobre 2020-Giornata UNESCO dedicata agli Isegnanti

  • 23 Maggio-19 Luglio -Luci che non si spengono…

  • 2 Giugno 2020-Festa della Repubblica Italiana

    Ossimori festosi: ferita, disorientata, fragile, eppure resiliente, meravigliosa e forte. La nostra Repubblica.

  • 3 Ottobre 2013-3 Ottobre 2020 Ricordare, accogliere, progettare il futuro


    Il 3 ottobre è diventato giornata della memoria e dell'accoglienza, una data in cui si ricordano le vittime del naufragio di Lampedusa e tutti i migranti che hanno perso la vita nel tentativo di arrivare in Italia, la porta dell'Europa.

  • 20 Novembre2020- Giornata Internazionale dei diritti dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza

  • 25 Novembre 2020-Giornata Internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne

  • 10 Dicembre 1948 Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Umani

    Restare umani è un diritto-dovere. Dopo 70 anni, a che punto siamo?

  • 27 Gennaio-Giornata della Memoria per continuare a ricordare, andando avanti

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Young readers&writers

a child who reads


A teen-reviewer’s preference for crime novels: Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie.


orient express Vera

I’ve recently discovered my preference for crime novels. It all began with Peter James’ gripping novel, You are Dead. I then turned to Agatha Christie, and was taken by the mystery of  Murder on the Orient Express.

The story begins with the private Belgian detective, Poirot, boarding a train from Istanbul to London.  Due to the train’s first class being full (which was unusual for the time of year) Poirot occupied a place in second class, until he was offered a compartment in first class by his friend, M.Bouc.

The detective sat and observed the other fascinating and amusing passengers and was soon approached by a worried, old American…read more 




Exchange-A precious life in written form, by Vera Ze




Exchange is a book unlike any other I have read before; it gives another perspective on reading in general, making it seem as if a book is a precious life, in written form.

The story was on my mind day and night – I was so anxious for all the characters! …read more


The secret life of Gangsta Granny, a review by Annabel Ze

Gangsta granny

Annabel sta leggendo Matilda di Roald Dahl. In attesa di questa recensione mi lascia un suo  particolare commento, “illustrato” di  Gangsta Granny di  David Walliams.

Once lived a granny. Ben thought she was a boring old lady but she did have a big secret INSIDE, so one day he asked his parents to take him to his granny’s bungalow and they said yes .

So he asked for a biscuit but, guess what folkes, they were diamonds!…read more

The Last Ones. Time for a teenager to save the day…


AnnZe_The Last Ones


Silence. All I hear, all day, everyday. Apart from my sister: she never stops screaming. Everything has changed since the ‘incident’. What used to be streets thriving with life, are empty. I’ m at my wounded mother’s side to fulfil her every need. It’ s hard to believe but all this pain and destruction happened in only one day. I would do anything to change this awful fate…

You must be wondering by now what brought me to this position. I’ m comfortable with talking about it. It only wiped out the human race including my dad. And no one is even left to tell the tale. Thanks to two rivalling businessmen, arguing over money and land, six nuclear bombs exploded together and murdered every living creature on earth. All but three. Mentally insane, but alive at least. However, what truly shocked us all was the fact that the two men were twins. They went from arguing over toys to girls to inheritance. Their quarrelling began to involve everyone. Their fights are the reason why we are the last ones.

As I drifted asleep on the cold earth, I dreamt an awkward dream.

“Sup, bro.”

“What? ” I replied, confused.

“I’m the time dude, here to make you save the day.”

He was a badly dressed hippy with long, dark hair and sunglasses. All in front of a spiral of blurry colours.

“Dude, you are the only one left to save everyone alive, well… last week.”

“So I can just explain to my family that some weird hippy from my dream told me to travel back in time and fix the past.”

“Hurtful. Moving on, I’ ll leave you some fancy, old people watch so you say ‘bye bye now’ and be in last week. See ya!”

I then woke and found the not so ancient watch beside me. We weren’t likely to survive much longer without food so I decided to depart. I just asked myself:

“Could it really get any worse than this?”…read the complete story

Cool!  Pets’power…

cool image

Cool is based on a boy, named Robbie, who ends up in a comazola image when trying to save his dog from being run over by a car.   His friends, school and family continuously attempt to bring him back from the dead – even by getting Italian football player Zola, Robbie’s favourite player, to visit.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable book, which is fairly short… I have now read it 3 times! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Vera xxx


About the author

Michael Morpurgo MBE is one of Britain’s best-loved writers for children. He has written over 100 books and won many prizes, including the Smarties Prize, the Blue Peter Book Award and the Whitbread Award. His recent bestselling novels include ‘Shadow’, ‘A Medal for Leroy’ and ‘Little Manfred’. His novel ‘War Horse’ has been successfully adapted as a West End and Broadway theatre play and a major film by Steven Spielberg. A former Children’s Laureate, Michael is also the co-founder, with his wife Clare, of the charity Farms for City Children.(Waterstones)

Read more about Michael Morpurgo…

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. “When reading becomes  addictive“, Vera says…



Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins,  is an extremely popular trilogy series known all over the UK; it has been in motion picture since 2012 and currently has the second book-Catching Fire– out in cinemas.

The story is voiced by 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen and is based in Panem, the futuristic version of South America. Katniss lives in District 12…continue


Vera’s first review for  Affascinailtuocuore : The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time



The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time is a murder mystery novel.

Despite it’s simplicity of writing, I would not recommend this book for children as it contains a fair amount of strong language. The story is…continue

On the same novel…

Sara Moschin’s  review  (Affascinailtuocuore)




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