Annabel sta leggendo Matilda di Roald Dahl. In attesa di questa recensione mi lascia un suo  particolare commento, “illustrato” di  Gangsta Granny di  David Walliams.

Anna's review
Annabel’s review in words and drawings-Summer 2015

Once lived a granny. Ben thought she was a boring old lady but she did have a big secret INSIDE, so one day he asked his parents to take him to his granny’s bungalow and they said yes .

So he asked for a biscuit but, guess what folkes, they were diamonds!

So the next day, at tea time, he snuck out the house on his bycicle and was 5 miles. Ben was sweating a lot, but he finally ARRIVED. He found his granny in a black suit.

Her nickname was the BLACK CAT. Well, and also the next day, he asked his careless parents to go to his granny’s house, they said “NO!”.

“Why” Ben asked and they said “ because she’s in hospital”

Ben said “Let’s go!”.

“OKAY!” shouted the parents “let’s go”.

Ben thought to himself: “I’m going to show her my plan.”

After a while he actually showed  her granny and together they abseiled down the hospital…

They went for the jewels, but when they tried, the Queen caught them…

I liked the bit when Ben found out granny was a gangsta.

I didn’t like the bit when the Queen found granny and Ben!


Gangsta granny

Shelina’s review:

This book is about a boy called Ben who thinks his granny is really boring! Little did he know…she was a jewel thief!!! Ben’s Granny is addicted to cabbage soup and she eats it everywhere she goes. Ben and granny go on a jewel quest, to steal the crown jewels…they had to find a mode of transport to get there, and the only options were to go on granny’s mobility scooter down the motorway, and swim down the river Thames to a secret opening to the Tower of London…this book is full of funny moments…read more